This is my first ever blog which shows how amateur I am. As life brings me further day by day, I’ll learn to improve myself by correcting my mistakes. After all, life’s best teacher is my own experience. I’ll learn on how to improve my blog writing, adding widgets and pages, editing links, and many more. This blog will show access to variety of learning materials pertaining to the English Language. It’ll also feature videos and ideas to improve the teaching and learning of English Language. Moreover, this blog will also cover my life’s journey at UKM through words and pictures. The subject of Technology in Education will be one of the main highlights in my blog since this subject is the eye opener for me to ‘write off’ a blog (wanted to use ‘kick off’ but doesn’t sound right here). I hope I’ll learn more new things through this subject and others too. I’m hoping that my friends would be able to share their ideas as well as ways to improve this blog and myself. Let’s learn and grow together. Never leave anyone behind. Hope more to come. LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT & NEVER REGRET.